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Lasten metsä, "Children's Forest"

65.140977757 28.681021006
65.140953620 28.683173228
65.140089849 28.680964832
65.140065713 28.683116983

Children’s Forest is a conservation project in Suomussalmi, Finland. The natural habitat is Primary Forest, with spruce being its main tree.

The forest is a home for several animal species, including bears, moose and rabbits. In addition, birds like Willow tit, Ural owl and Siberian jay nest in the area.

One NFT represents 0,1 hectares of conservation in the area.

Key facts:
- Located in Suomussalmi, Finland
- Is a primary forest
- Photography by Konsta Punkka
- Conserved by the Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation

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