Marketplace protocol for nature conservation

Swmp creates NFTs to protect the natural world. Our purpose is to stop the ongoing biodiversity loss by conserving as much nature as possible. With our Nature Conservation NFTs we help individuals and companies to ecologically compensate for their environmental footprint.

Nature conservation NFTs

Areal view of Children's forest

Each Swmp NFT represents a unique conserved nature area guarded by our partners.

Tree and vegetation in Children's forest

Owner of the NFT owns the Patron status of the area & is able to trade or utilize it.

European hare in Children's forest.

Unique NFT pictures of the conservation area are taken by photographer partners of Swmp.

Our NFT collections

Lasten metsä

SWMP's second NFT collection, to be minted in May 2022

Keijunmetsä II

SWMP's first NFT collection, minted and sold out in December 2021

Frequently asked questions

Meet the Swmp team

Aleksi Lintunen

The one with the big vision of balancing nature with markets.

Joose Toiviainen

The DeFi expert focusing on the things that really matter for the customer.

Roope Pajunen
Blockchain developer

There are only a handful of developers bridging Web3 to the real world. Roope is one of them.

Get involved

If you want to hear more, join our NFT waiting list or send us a message for collaboration. We are always looking for landowners, companies, photographers, environmentalists - anyone who wants to participate in protecting nature in a completely new way.

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